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Pressure is building on Facebook to notify users exposed to Russian propaganda
Facebook Must Inform Users How They Were Exposed to Russian Propaganda
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6 Desember 2017

This morning, Facebook issued a cryptic statement that appeared- for the first time- to acknowledge Russian accounts attempted to interfere in the Brexit referendum. A new day, a new revelation on the impact foreign propaganda is having on the platform.

Last week, Congressman Adam Schiff- a member of the House Intelligence Committee- advanced our cause in an op-ed, calling on Silicon Valley to help with the Russia investigation. In particular, he argued, "each of these companies should commit to notifying users who were targeted with what we now know was Russian propaganda. That step would help educate users who were served ads or content generated by Russian trolls and play a part in inoculating them against future influence operations."

This is the goal of our petition. Will you help us reach our goal of 100,000 signers? Please share this link with your friends and colleagues!


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