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Stop The Slaughterhouse on CSU’s Campus

Stop The Slaughterhouse on CSU’s Campus
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Colorado State University may want to consider changing their name to “Cruelty State University.”

As a freshman at Colorado State University and a member of the Rams Organizing For Animals Rights student club, I was outraged to learn that our school has accepted money from a meatpacking company to build a slaughterhouse in the middle of campus. Construction could begin as early as this summer. CSU needs to cancel plans to build the slaughterhouse now.

It’s already hard enough to concentrate on our studies. Now we’ll be facing the stench and screams of innocent animals in agony every time we walk to class. An on-campus slaughterhouse will mean that living, breathing animals come into the heart of campus and never make it out alive. It will mean that the animals’ organs, hides, and hooves will be transported off campus in trucks, potentially spilling blood, guts and fecal matter onto campus grounds.

Slaughterhouses are not only cruel to animals, but to humans, too. Workers are subject to intense psychological trauma and severe physical injuries such as amputations.

One of the main reasons that I chose to attend CSU is because of the school’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Animal agriculture is a major contributor of greenhouse gases -- opening a slaughterhouse on campus is a blatant violation of the university’s core commitment to work towards carbon neutrality.

If this slaughterhouse is built, I along with hundreds of students, have pledged to transfer to another school.  Many incoming students are changing their decision to attend Cruelty State U, too. There is no room for cruelty on CSU’s campus  -- in fact, no college campus anywhere should allow an industry that is so violent to animals, harmful to the environment, and dangerous to humans.

If you care about the students of CSU and want this harmful construction to stop, please sign this petition and encourage Colorado State University's President, Tony Frank, to immediately cancel all plans for building a slaughterhouse of horrors on campus.

22 April 2017
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President of CSU, Tony Frank
Media Relations, Cameron Bruett

Stop The Slaughterhouse on CSU’s Campus


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Stop The Slaughterhouse on CSU’s Campus

Stop The Slaughterhouse on CSU’s Campus

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